"Writing is like baking cupcakes, you're trying to make something from raw. Like with cupcakes it's flour and eggs and stuff, and with books it's ideas and words.  The end result is the same though, you want people to eat them up." - Emma Shortt
Hey, I'm Lianne. I'm 20 and currently working slowly but steadily towards a combined degree in Law and Arts in Sydney. When I'm not looking up cases or frantically trying to catch up with assignments, I hang around here at my little corner of the internet, talk about food, make invisible friends and share with you a sweet recipe or two. Writing is one of my passions, I do it constantly and obsessively. I'm the girl who always has a novel in her purse. Other interests include an unhealthy addiction and overly emotional investment with various TV shows, the desire to sit in a cafe for hours with a good cappuccino just watching the world go by, and my fluffy, cozy, slightly overweight cat.

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